Healthy Habitats for Giving Tuesday

Have you heard of Giving Tuesday? Giving Tuesday is the global trend of giving back after the onslaught of consumerism known as “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”. SVT is dedicating our Giving Tuesday to the Healthy Habitats of our local wildlife.
Today, the homes, or habitats, of our wild animals and plants are under siege: by development, by pollution, by changes to the climate. With your help, we can protect and repair these habitats. We can remove and control invasive plants to give native species room to thrive. We can plant native wildflowers that provide nectar for local bees and butterflies. We can mow fields for birds that build nests in meadows. We can even burn certain areas to create just the right habitat for those plants and animals that, oddly enough, require a home that’s periodically set ablaze!
Help SVT provide Healthy Habitats for wildlife and the people who value them.  A generous donor is matching every gift up to $7500, so now is the time to really make a difference for local animal and plant habitats! 
  • $10 will buy a good pair of gloves for one of our staff or volunteers who are yanking out thorny Japanese Barberry and other nasty invasive species.
  • $25 will fund the building and monitoring of a bluebird box, ensuring a generation of new bluebirds next spring. 
  • $50 will pay for 25 native wildflowers needed by monarch butterflies for survival.
  • $100 will purchase a weedwrench that will allow us to rip out invasive buckthorn that is crowding out the endangered Britton’s Violet.
  • $250 will pay to mow 3 acres of grassland and shrubland that provide the open habitat loved by birds like the prairie warbler.
  • $500 will pay for wildlife surveys to see if whip-poor-wills and box turtles have returned to our restoration sites.
  • $1,000 will restore another acre of meadow at SVT’s Greenways or Cedar Hill reservation.
  • $2,500 will help purchase an acre of wetland habitat.
  • $1,000,000 will help protect 10-15 acres of critical upland habitat or farmland.

SVT and Carlisle Conservation Foundation embark on a new project

Woodhaven Farm photograph by Stephen Gabeler
Woodhaven Farm consists of over 25 acres of land adjacent Estabrook Woods in the south part of Carlisle.  Directly across the street from the farm sits Sweet Autumn Farm, an organic farm that supplies produce to several local farm-to-table restaurants.   The owners of Sweet Autumn Farm propose to purchase the Woodhaven Farm and to convey a CR to Sudbury Valley Trustees and the Carlisle Conservation Foundation at a price far below market value.  Read more about Woodhaven Farm here.

Preserving Mainstone Farm in Wayland

Nan Balmer, Wayland Town Administrator, and Lisa Vernegaard, Executive Director of Sudbury Valley Trustees (SVT), are pleased to announce that they have received a letter from the owners of Mainstone Farm expressing interest in working with the Town and with SVT to preserve the fields and woods that are Mainstone Farm on Old Connecticut Path and Rice Road. The Hamlen family anticipates selling the development rights of about 210 acres of land in the form of a Conservation Restriction to the Town and SVT. This means that the land would be permanently preserved from development while the family would retain ownership and stewardship responsibilities if this exciting opportunity can be brought to fruition.
The Hamlens realize that this will depend upon successful votes at Town Meeting for much of the funding, and an aggressive fundraising effort on the part of SVT. This collaboration is a wonderful opportunity for the Town of Wayland and SVT to work together with two generations of Mainstone Farm owners to preserve this unique landscape.

Deer Management at Cowassock Woods

"There are no young, regenerating trees and many of our native plants and flowers have disappeared", a view of deer impacts at Cowassock Woods.
This month, SVT is initiating a controlled program to reduce the deer population at the Cowassock Woods property, located in Framingham and Ashland.  This program is similar to efforts begun in other communities to address the significant habitat impacts that an overabundant population of deer are having on our forests. At Cowassock Woods, we have observed a dramatic decline in wildflowers and other low level vegetation.   The forest has no future if it cannot regenerate.  SVT is permitting two hunters to conduct bow hunting only (no firearms) this season, November 18 through December 31st.
SVT is a member and coordinator for the West Suburban Conservation Council (WSCC) which is a collaboration of over 40 local land trusts, municipal boards and other conservation entities. In 2010, WSCC identified deer impacts on forest health to be a priority for action.  
Sudbury Valley Trustees
is a regional land trust that conserves land and protects wildlife habitat in the Concord, Assabet, and Sudbury river basin for the benefit of present and future generations.